By alijay

Oh what a night!

Last night that is....after I had blipped Suddenly, just as we were getting dinner, R felt nauseous and dizzy and became really odd and vague....phoned 111 again and back to Eastbourne A&E. After a very long wait we did see a thorough doctor: bloods and ECG all normal. He also spoke to ENT. It seems R had a reaction to the painkillers. Relieved everything checked out and he is more himself now. Still got the ear problem and just has to bear with it and keep having audiology sessions to work on removing wax to reduce the pressure....and take different painkillers.We got home at 2am so both very weary today.
I had a little gym session and enjoyed a yoga class.
Thanks for all the lovely wishes for R yesterday....
Blip and extra: wonderful sunset from the beach and home.

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