By dogwithnobrain

Oooh you make me live

Every time I hear Queen, I think about Swisey.

Swisey was my mate in Primary 7.

she had boobs and periods and wouldn't believe that someone as inferior and small.boobed as me could also have periods until she burst into the toilet after me for the ACTUAL.PROOF.

She loved Freddy Mercury. Freddy was going to.find her and marry her

Shows you how much she knew.

She also felt my love of the Bay City Rollers established me as immature and pathetic 

However. Since the said BCR stayed in Edinburgh only a mere 70 miles from home and were pretty much straight i do.believe I stopped d.a.better chance with five of.them than she did with one Freddy

She wasn't really much of a friend eh?

Anyhoo. This is a buttery 

I love butteries.   Just a pile of carbs with a pile of carbs on top buttered with more.carbs 


My back is a while lot better today 

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