By Dominie

Strings on Sunday

Batemans Bay is not the cultural centre of the universe, but it's not all "Bobby Dazzler Brings You The Best of Elvis" at the local club, either. The arts are alive, well and appreciated in our district. Today we drove to Moruya, the next town south, for what turned out to be a chamber music concert that washed joy through the heart, mind and soul. It should have yielded a five-star blip, too - but Mrs Dominie wouldn't hear of it. My camera would be produced at the concert only on pain of me missing out on my pie and chips when I got home. How weak I am.

But never mind. It was Supermoon night, and surely that would bring Superblips with it. Guess what? The sky is filled with thick, dense cloud in all directions as far as the eye can see, and pounding rain has settled into its rhythm for the duration. Which is why you are looking at a shot of the concert program and our tickets. As I think of it, though, the performers - Rachel Westwood (violin), Valmai Coggins (viola) and Deborah Coogan (cello) - deserve another round of applause. Look them up on

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