By stephenmarsh3

Glasgow Madrigirls

I came across a group of girls, (ladies), from my home town, singing in the square. They call themselves The Glasgow Madrigirls and they were in town to perform at St John's Church. I thought, there must be a photo here and went along to their production of, "In the Greenwood". It was described as, "A merrie mix of folk, traditional and sacred music". It was an outstanding display of close harmonies and beautiful solo performances. I wouldn't normally be drawn to this type of thing but the acoustics of the church made it a little bit magic. There's a connection between Glasgow and Keswick that most people are unaware of. The patron Saint of Glasgow is St. Mungo and the symbols associated with him make up the coat of arms that are displayed throughout the city. He is also known as St. Kentigern in the Keswick area and the very same symbols are displayed around here. Maybe another photo op for later? On a technical note, I had to shoot at iso1600 and underexpose by 2 stops to get this, hence the graininess.

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