By stuartjross

Strath Ossian

The road conditions to get to work were bad on Monday but I would say this was worse today. This is a 12 mile estate road to get to Corrour. I was the first on it this morning so had no tyre tracks to follow.
The main purpose of the survey was to model a riverbed. With days of hard frost and all the precipitation falling as snow this last few days the flow was a relative trickle so ice apart was realatively easy. Elsewhere the tussocky banks were exhausting to walk through because of snow that felt  two feet deep.
The engineering client was just a few minutes behind me on the road in. She caught up with me aided by my tyre tracks. I got to the site and started setting kit up expecting her to appear shortly. I didn't see it in my mirror but she slid sideways and needed assistance from a man in a tractor to get her going again. She was upbeat and unbothered by the episode.
M recognised the make of survey kit I used and she was familiar with it. She explained, in previous work for a charity, she had helped map mine fields in Laos. No wonder she wasn't bothered with a wee bit of Corrour snow..    

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