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By lrjlo

Young Canada geese

This evening I went to view a room in a flat closer into south London. I'm planning to move there to be an easier commuting distance from my new job. The flat seemed ok but ideally I'd like a place with some kind of outside space of its own.

After the viewing I walked through Brockwell Park. It's an area I used to go to a lot when I was young because I lived quite nearby. I found the duck ponds so all is good.

I was a bit concerned as this family seemed to be separated by the wire fence but I can only assume that since the little one made it in, it'll be able to get back out again. They're cute when they're young but the adults aren't so lovely.

Tomorrow I am going to give my notice in at work. I've never had to do it before so I've copied a letter of resignation more or less off the internet. I still feel bad for leaving them but my friends and family have pointed out that my employers don't seem so concerned about leaving me in crappy situations.

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