By NatureWatcher30

Take A Seed.....

....challenge, it certainly was, and Bert the Dunnock was right up for it.

Any bird could take part, and it was on this weekend, something the humans called 'birdwatch', when you get them holding big shiny things in front of their eyes, called binoculars apparently.

So posing for the human, this Dunnock was determined to win the challenge, of carrying the seed unscathed to the designated garden birdtable a few houses away.

Do It without harming the seed, and a weeks worth of seed and suet was won for you, your partner and your family.

The less scratch free it was, the winner was, and Bert managed his without getting a single scratch on it, a first :-)

I do encourage you all to take part in the RSPB birdwatch, I have for the first time, but had to 2 birdwatches. The first, I did just after lunchtime and I got a grand total of 0, yep, you read that right. 0 (although I live a good 2 miles away from a castle where they keep no fewer than 25 birds of prey - and let them out once in a while...)

The second, carried out after breakfast, was considerably better, 31 in total (half being Sparrows), and I know its been busier than that, which you can tell them.

So go ahead, and enjoy, my knowledge of birds is basic, but its fascinating what you get to see, and it takes maybe 10 minutes max to submit your answers. I did all the submitting on my smartphone :-)

Take care all :-)

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