Robin at large

By Robin

Teddy Bears Picnic

Three freshly carved bears in the childrens' play area at Castle Fraser. Two are in frame, there is another to my left. There is a convenient picnic area where they can indulge should they become animated.

We took Cosmo here today for her daily walk. She was a little reluctant to go out, she was far too comfortable at home. However she appeared to enjoy the walk once we were there. We had a walk on the estate so there was lots to explore. She was a little indignant she could not follow me when I went into the play area to take a photograph of the bears.

We saw several trees that had had to be cut down after the storms of the last couple of weeks. One of them had been huge (more than a metre in diameter) and must have been very old. A shame as i remember it was a very attractive tree. I am sure I must have a picture of it somewhere.

With all the fallen trees here is plenty of wood for more carvings, too much I would say.

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