By biddy

Another eclectic mix…..

…… in the Art Gallery window at the Craft centre.
I really took this yesterday. Today the crew arrived at 7:30 am to start on the bathroom. We both had to be up, showered, and ready by then! We do have a small shower room in the loft next to the bedroom up there.
But we knew they would be turning the water off before 8:30am.
Anyway we both went out for some lunch and then on to Lichfield.
Stephen is still there seeing two young lads in his rôle as a Bereavement Counsellor. They are both at secondary school in Lichfield. (Different schools). But all this has to obviously be carefully arranged and is subject to lots of regulations as you can imagine. It also depends on the Head releasing a room to use.
I came back on the bus. Great fun sitting upstairs on the front seat!
I can travel anywhere in the UK with my concessionary pass. Also saves having to find somewhere to park.
I’ve been home about 15 minutes and the water has just been turned back on. They work so hard.
Not looking forward to a very early start again tomorrow morning but I think we’ll most likely go out for breakfast this time.
It’s been 12C today! Feels more like early spring than winter.
But we always say, roundabout both our birthdays, the first week of February, that we quite often get some cold weather and a bit of snow!

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