By NinjaShoe


What a thrill I had this morning discovering that 'someone' has been in the bird box last night.  

I bought a camera nesting box from RSPB at great expense more than 2  years ago but have not had any interest at all.  I'd even forgotten how to use the app.  My locations are a bit restricted as it needs power for the camera so it can't be at the bottom the garden.  A couple of weeks ago I got the guy who was repairing my broken fence to put in a post in-between the trees, to which I attached the box (but nearer the house) hoping to make it more attractive.

Last night this little blue tit stayed overnight.  He/she left at 3.15am.  

I'm so excited to report that he/she is back tonight on the live camera all snuggled up with it's head under it's wing.

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