The Way I See Things



After lunch the Boy Wonder asked to go to the park, and for the first time chose to walk all the way there. By the time we were about a hundred metres from the gate he was clearly flagging, but forced himself onwards to complete the achievement. R then offered to carry him the rest of the way to the playground, or push him in the push chair, but still he doggedly kept on marching. We'd nearly made it there when I realised that L had come into the park a little way behind us, with B minor in the front sling, and when I pointed this out to the Boy he raced back as fast as his little legs could carry him to give them both a hug.

Once we reached the playground R went off to get coffees, while I pushed the Boy on the swings. I apologised for not being able to launch him as high as Granddad can, and the little chap, who knows about Grandma's pesky joints, immediately said, "But you are pushing me high, Grandma. This is just as high as Granddad makes me go." As this was patently untrue, and therefore simply a kindness, it made me feel a tiny bit weepy.

A friend of L's then arrived with her little boy and baby. The two three-year olds are also friends, and they had an excellent time together, making each other laugh and racing round the various pieces of play equipment. At home time R set off with the Boy Wonder in the push chair while L and I strolled behind, but less than half way back B decided that he wanted to walk again, and trudged the rest of the way on what by this time must surely have been jelly legs. When R and I left the house he was sitting on the sofa with the Baby Brother lying across his knee, but it wasn't long before L sent us a photo showing them lying together - the Boy, no longer able to stay awake, having simply keeled over sideways.

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