By AnneILM60


I was up and waiting for Canady & Son to be at the house to do the quarterly spraying for pests when I saw them sitting across the road.

I knew it was before the appointed time, so I just opened the garage door to let them know I was up and about and ready any time.

Darrell came over and said he was early and he didn’t know if I was up and ready and so didn’t want to bother me until the appointed time. I told him in the future to go ahead and ring the doorbell even if he’s early. The worst that will happen is I’ll answer in my housecoat.

With the bug spraying done, I was free for the day and it was to get up to the mid 60’s so I was all for sitting outside and reading.

I took my camera with me in the hopes of getting some good shots and although there was a lot of bird activity in the trees and flying around there was next to no birds in places where they could be photographed

Thank goodness the squirrels were active! They were very vocal too

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