By papertiger

Let the Right One In (the return).

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A busy day with my final Saturday workshops of the term and a quick catch up with a couple of friends before racing home to do a whirlwind tidy of the flat as my friend Rachel (who lives in Edinburgh) was coming to stay. I've been so busy lately, and tomorrow I actually have a day off (shock, horror). Things have just got a bit messy. Plus, I'm that much beyond exhausted that I'm forgetting how to do the most basic things, like, how to switch the TV on ... no joke! Thankfully, Rachel had it figured out in no time!

This evening, we went to see NTS's production of Let the Right One In at my work. I saw it on Press Night and although I always thought it was a beautiful production, I much preferred it this time as the seats were a bit further back. Last time, I was right at the front and some of the lighting effects and movement sequences didn't have the full impact. Tonight, I was completely engrossed, plus the story and action has become sharper as the run has progressed.

This blip is of the programme for the production ... in front of Rachel's face ... honestly, she doesn't look like this all the time!

See up close!

PS. If you can stomach the sight of fake blood and severed limbs then check out my blips about our Work Experience programme here and here.

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