Pictorial blethers

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Taking years off ...

Where to begin with today? Perhaps with the fact that I didn't see anything that shouted "photograph!"  at me all day? The weather (again)? Let's get the weather out of the way. Irritatingly mild (I was too hot in bed when I woke); blustery; showery; gloomy. We both had our Pilates classes this morning - mine had only 5 of us in it today, whereas Himself's class seemed mobbed when they marched into the studio as we left. We worked with the foam footballs today - suddenly I was feeling muscles I didn't know I had, and we worked new muscles and felt virtuous and completely exhausted by the end of the hour. 

A friend gave me a lift home (my usual lift is away hurling herself down northern Italian mountains this week) and I was able to collapse with my coffee instead of heading back for Himself. After lunch, when a brief but delicious doze was erupted into by Himself's phone suddenly breaking out into music (he doesn't always predict when videos have sound), I went up to the study and started thinking about a sermon for Sunday, before signing in to a Zoom vestry meeting.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the second batch of marmalade. And that's all I'm going to say about that ... update tomorrow. Maybe.

The photo above is of an item of post delivered to me by name today, urging me to buy life insurance. Tempting, huh - especially in view of the fact that I appear to be 33. Where they got this idea from is beyond me. I can clearly remember being 33, but that's not me ...

People my age (not 33) keep being ill, or dying - like the King, or Ian Lavender. It doesn't make for cheerful consideration ...

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