By Number147


Here's Hetty contemplating getting into the canal. She often contemplates but only ever goes in by accident. She likes a paddle though.

I made 2 sympathy cards this morning. One for Anne's husband and children and one for Anne's 3 sisters. Making them was quite therapeutic but thinking of words and feelings made me blub and blub. 

Anne did not want a funeral. She's probably already cremated. There will be a memorial sometime. We were planning to meet before Christmas. Plans all went quiet so we guessed things weren't good. I wrote to her as best I could. 

Anyway, the cards are written and Clive will go out and post them later.

I also made a new home card for Tim. I don't know what he expects. He texts me to let me know he's here but I've no intention of going round to see him. I wish he'd just properly move or just not tell me when he's around. It's almost attention seeking. He'll get his card in a day or two.

I'm off to see to the hedgehogs soon. If any are awake, I'll add a photo later. What I hope is that more are properly hibernating and not making a massive mess! 

It's a shame about The King but surely one announcement is enough.

Later: Marshmallow, a hedgehog, made a nuisance of herself so I cleaned around her. Several were proper hibernating but I still had 10 to clean out.

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