By Kentboy


An overgrown gap between two walls is all that is left of the 'Howgill Incline.'  At the top of the incline is Kells, part of Whitehaven, which used to have coal mines.  This incline was used to get coal to the docks.  A chemical factory, called Marchon after its founder, was sited here too and used the incline.  The factory was later owned by Albright and Wilson until closure in the 1990s.  Apparently this was the last working cable railway in Britain.  The chemical factory has long gone and the area left is where  new coalmine may/may not be sunk. 
The water looks and is orange, again.  Water seeping from old mine workings after heavy rain.
Howgill incline and Whitehaven Harbour. 03.1970. | The origi… | Flickr

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