Jambo journal

By IainC

Stable Fruit

Stable fruit, as opposed to fruit from a stable.
Flushed by some recent DIY success, today I turned my attention to our wobbly fruit stand. Without any great hope to be honest but amazingly it’s now fine. Not as good as new (cracks in the glass plates) but good enough that I don’t need to buy a replacement. I’m chuffed!
What else? A trip to the chemist to replenish depleted cold medicines; a check up at the dentist, no work needed; a batch of pretty decent buns baked, just to use up a wrinkly apple; some distressingly crap news from abroad; an hour on the phone to BT yet again, maybe they’ll finally correct my address in their records after only four months of trying.
And I decided a couple of cheer-us-up cocktails were in order, not sure if they worked.

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