By dogwithnobrain

Perhaps, she said, I may be

A day which began with three trips to the loo at 230. 330 and 530

And then a bloody eye when I finally dragged myself out of my pitt 

I scratched my eye lid during the night and the blood dried in a lovely pattern 

I had an email and a half to answer when I got in 3 years of numbers. Monthly, by subs, by products;  detailed breakdowns of relationships: currency projections

Then audit questions.  The budget input 

Boss says 'you ready for the meeting'.  I looked at him quizzically.  The meeting - erm. Is that not next Friday ?  Erm no. 15 minutes 

Reads notea;  reads agenda. 

Ah I think. I'm just listening great 

Three points down on the agenda. 50.minutes of that feeling that if you don't pay attention : someone will ask your opinion and you'll look a fool because you didn't know what they had been talking about 

And the host Says: Point four: You're up Hel'

What?  Me? Eh?   Didn't even correctly understand the 'point' on the agenda 

Heart was racing ... Mind a blank 

Good guy says: ' tell us how you handle.....

That was my cue. I was off.  Got thru a summary. Questions started.  Bang bang. I answered them all. No follow up questions.  Next topic. Wow. Me again! 

 Hitting my stride.  Sadly also needing the toilet after an hour and a half....

At that point they decided they had enough information to go away and chat amongst themselves. I was free

Also exhausted. 

Boss phoned me 'well done. You did really well'.   Oh my god. I don't think I can take much more praise this week my head will explode 

But then ... Someone in the meeting messaged and said 'really well done'

I was so pleased with myself. I worked til 1930. On A FRIDAY

So how am having a baileys on ice to chill

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