Musing of a Lady

By inkstainedhands


The last two years I've posted a photo of my knitting. Its very therapeutic and I've found that it helps me find peace inside. It allows my thoughts to organise themselves whilst my hands are busy.

The music last night, got turned off at 8:30 pm. I was pretty surprised as I'd expected it to carry on into the early hours. The music was really nice, but the volume and the bass were very loud. It was good that Little Man was so tired, he fell asleep almost as soon as I put him in bed.

Today we had church and when we left the house there were still signs of the merriment from yesterday. Plastic cups and broken bottles are scattered about, as well as loads of streamers and confetti. People were also still in their carnival dress, though many looked worse for wear. I, for one, don't envy the hangovers that many people will be having this morning.

We're just at home now, relaxing.

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