By dogwithnobrain

Somewhere waiting for me

We took a drive today. 

This isn't far away  - just up the coast,.  

I love that Arran, and Goatfell, that ever constant on our horizon changes so impressively only 10 miles up the road.   

I love this view -  taken from above West Kilbride..   

I cannot  tell you how stressful it was to get this photo. 

I love this view, but to get it, you have to drive a one-track road,  This is on the quarter mile, but once you start, you can't stop til you get to the other end, 7 miles away. 

We stopped once in a two-car passing place, to grab this photo and then drove as carefully and quickly as possible.  The road was narrow and steep in places - and if I were to slide off the road, I'd be not getting back onto it quickly. 

We only passed two cars in the whole 7 miles, but my fingers were tight round the steering wheel the whole way. 

And now i'm back home, back in front of the TV and watching Series One of Buffy.  

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