By amandoAlentejo


Strong winds a few days ago broke a branch off one of our orange trees. Today I got round to picking all the oranges off it - 198 of them - no wonder the branch broke off - that's around 32kg worth. This is them, minus the ones that were damaged, that Mike was making into juice outside (thanks for the juicer, Dave and Leyna). Will make marmalade, need to buy sugar, but will be plenty left over. Never mind all the ones still on the trees.

Would have started on it, but woke up feeling sick, and not felt great today, though I did make another batch of my nut, seed and dried fruit mixture, toasted on top of the wood burner.

- huge one is our youngest and family successfully moving into our house in England; feels good to know family is in it again (though I'll miss visiting Manchester)
- Joel driving the van up to get all their stuff, with Sam and Zion, what a hero (impressed it all fitted into one medium van), safety for them, and for the family in their car
- everyone else who helped, especially Mari giving the house a good clean after the tenants left, but also Deb, Paul, and Felicity

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