By Paladian

Grand Plan

I truly want to support Australian companies - I really do.  It's just that it's cheaper to buy from the UK (or USA, or Canada), when they offer free freight over a certain value; and the goods are cheaper there anyway.  Especially when we get a good exchange rate, as we do at the moment.

So what I do is make a purchase, usually of yarn, and then I add in all the heavier items such as Rowan magazines, and I get free freight.  

It's awesome - I add to my stash (and who doesn't want to do that) and get great knitwear designs as well.  

And here's the other thing; sure, I can buy a specific design from Ravelry or where ever, but these magazines give me much better value for money, with tons of designs to choose from; stunning photography, and articles to read.

Ok, ok, ok .. so I get a bit over excited sometimes.  

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