By TheOttawacker

Back to reality

After the heady excitement of crossing something off my bucket list, it was down to earth with a bump, as I had a ton of New Zealand work to do and couldn’t justify not doing it. So I spent the best part of a glorious day harrumphing and tutting to myself.

Better news for S over the car situation. Apparently, the insurer made a mistake and if one car is stationary in the car park, then it is not automatically a shared responsibility. In fact, it looks like the 82-year-old driver might be fully responsible. Which, of course, he was.

Otherwise, some laundry, the first snowdrops came out (followed shortly thereafter by some crocuses) and S continues to try to increase my range of vegetarian cooking to take back to Ottawa. Tonight, we had halloumi, aubergine and courgette, baked in a harissa sauce, with couscous and runner beans. S even has a little gadget for shelling runner beans. I stood open mouthed.

Spoke briefly with Mrs Ottawacker and Ottawacker Jr in the morning. Both had survived the ordeal of football. Ottawacker Jr showing no signs of adverse reaction after 8 hours of playing, including a goalkeeping practice.

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