Human eye

they say the 50mm lens is pretty close to the human eye vision. Does it mean that on a full frame, a 50mm will see what a normal human eye sees? In that case, if someone meets with an accident and loses one or both of his/her eyes, can we fit two 50mm lenses there?

so glad Friday's just round the corner

oh yeah, I almost forgot. Yesterday I went to a late night show of 'Fireflies in teh garden' with Mr and Mrs Farside. The movie is forgettable but not some of the people who were there in the theatre. It was a 10:45 PM show which is pretty late by Wednesday standards. In the entire hall, about 10-12 people were there watching the movie. There was a couple, a few youngsters and others but most striking was a burqa-clad, hijaab-clad english-speaking middle aged muslim woman whose presence was most amusing to the three of us. Why she came at such a late night show of such a movie and that too, all by herself was way beyond our comprehension. At intermission, I caught her happily sleeping and I wont be surprised if she did the same through the movie. We tried to postulate various theories around her movie visit but couldnt come up with anything convincing. Like is her husband working late night and she has lost the home keys? Or probably there's no power at her home and she decided to take a nap in an a/c room? Or maybe she won a small amount of money in a game of poker and she didnt have a clue what to do with it. Possibilities are many...

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