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A Penne For Your Thoughts...

I was actually in the kitchen, just home from the charity shop, when the news alert flashed up on my phone. I actually had to click the thing twice not believing what I was seeing having only heard Steve Wright on the radio at the weekend.

Such an important part of my music journey and now I'm listening to Radio 2 play some of his favourite songs and realising he introduced me to a lot of my favourites especially the American so called Middle Of The Road artists like Richard Marx...

Now I cant remember my own name half the time but I recall very clearly driving through Norfolk and Suffolk one afternoon listening to him interview Richard Marx who I was already a fan of and had seen play live in London...he asked him who we Brits should be listening out for from "across the pond" and Richard Marx recommended looking up Keith Urban. This I did when I got home and another love affair was born! So long ago that I don't Keith had met Nicole Kidman yet!!

Anyway, this news has affected me quite strongly as I'm already feeling a bit fragile and emotional as tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of laying my favourite uncle to rest. I'm allowing tears to fall unashamedly as I've actually found out the the ADHD gap in my brain is what makes us grieve really deeply - in fact we feel everything a bit extra!

Quite proud that amongst it all I remembered it's also Valentine's Day and have a card ready for F tomorrow.


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