By Bella888

You get the gist

Grey, rainy, damp. Thought we'd go to Southampton. Rushed to the station and found there were no trains running in any direction due to 2 fatalities on the line, one in Pokesdown (Bournemouth), the other near London. Fortunately, found out later, the first had survived.

So took the bus from the station to Poole instead. Wandered through the tiny 'Old Town', and along the High Street. Searched for a new café, in a Surf shop, in a backstreet called 'Bravery'. Ended up having a coffee there.

Vodafone called, the third level of escalation of my complaint. Sat on a wet bench in the rain to take the call. Had to listen to repeated apologies, ended up accepting the compensation offer. Not what I wanted, but a lot better than the £10 originally offered! Can move on now. It's working fine now, and the signal is significantly better than previous providers.

Found a series of photos, taken accidentally somehow!! Faffed one of them to be today's blip. Better than the others I took!

Bus back to Home Sweet Home

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