By Marionb

And Then There Were..


I am SO psyched about that orchid blooming after all these years, that I may just go out and buy a couple more...

I had a productive day for a change...made a lentil salad... It does not sound like much but as I have not "created" anything from scratch in my kitchen for quite some time, it was a milestone! heh heh..(extra) 

My productivity actually centred around weeding out filing cabinets; I had not done that for a couple of years and the files were so filled up that I could not squeeze any more paper into them! One incentive was that income tax time is coming up and tax slips are beginning to appear in my mailbox, so getting papers sorted was becoming important!  

I settled myself at a desk in my bright south-facing craft room where orchids bloom...set up my shredder and, surrounded by files and paper, I sorted, stapled, and shredded the day away. Oh.. the satisfaction of slipping all those annoying and no-longer needed bank statements, bills, and receipts  into the teeth of that shredder. Going going gone! Out of my life! Felt SO good...

The job is not finished..but then it never is...but I am still motivated to continue working at it tomorrow. 


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