By Kentboy


A view from the other end of my road and yes they are back again to repair what was already repaired.  I asked why they were back and was told this job needed to be completed as the last time it was raining.  Today it was raining too!  Will they need to come back?  We'll see.  At least the trench edges had been sealed properly and as the chap from Cumberland Council said 'It'll be better for you now.'  He was keeping tabs on progress or lack of it.
I was on my way to Maryport,  It was a very grey day and never improved.  No wind to move the clouds.  My friend had put a photo on our U3A page of a trawler that had sprung a leak.  There's my Blip.  Guess who 'missed the boat' as the tide was out!   Although a grey day a ride to Silloth was on.  There had been ship that had run aground trying to enter the port.  Missed that too.  This ship was carrying molasses and there was a distinct sweet smell in the air.  The molasses were being processed in Carr's mill which make animal feed (and flour.)  Grey day it was, but managed to take a Blip.  A Lake District Blip wouldn't have shown much today.  Maybe tomorrow.

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