Elwetritsches Welt

By Elwetritsche

Almost Dry

My new sweater is almost dry and luckily it did shrink a bit while drying.
It was already too big when I finished it last weekend and after it took a careful bath in cold water it grew in length and width - more to the length of a dress!
Hoping it would shrink to its original size while drying I didn't stretch it and watched it over the past days laying flat on two towels on the floor. It's not as huge anymore, but wearable now, I think. Perhaps not for work....

I'm not discouraged at all. Perhaps I will grow into it soon, who knows, lol.
I like the pattern and the colours. It was fun knitting, took about 6 weeks. The next one with the same wool will be at least 2, perhaps 3 sizes smaller, which means lesser stitches and lesser knitting time. Still undecided about the colours for the next one. Three colors and altogether stronger colours is the plan. Perhaps a red with green for the round yoke and the body in something contrasting.

Not the best photo, had no ideas today.

18:35; 13,5°C

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