By flavia13


Another trip into town this morning.  Hubby had shopping he wanted to do, so I drove him down to Kents Bank Road Car Park and then went for a walk with the camera.  I went into the Park Road Gardens as I haven't been for a while to see the Band Stand and Sensory Gardens.  I just wish the dog walkers would pick up after their dogs!!!  To be fair the majority do but it only takes one or two, as this morning!!!

Then down on to the Railway Bridge past Clare House Hotel, onto the Prom, past the Lido to see how they were progressing with their work.  Then back along the Prom to The Commodore Hotel exit and into Thyme Out for brunch.   Delicious.

After that he walked on down to Grange Station Newspaper Agents whilst I went back up to the car park to meet him there.  A fairly good leg stretch for me.  He can't at the moment as his foot is playing up a bit, but all in check, just being sensible.

Now back home to check the photos I need for a couple of entries I need to do and edit the photos I took.

A  slight better day weather-wise at least I didn't get wet this morning, but it's still very grey with an occasional tiny bit of brightness.  It's now tipping it down, again, at 3.00 pm!!!

Do take care everyone, stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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