By spannarama


Russell (the plumber, and apparently all-round handy man) finished bricking up our gas fire today - and everything else got finished too :)  It was all go - at one point we had five men here working on the plumbing and electrics.  I have made so many cups of coffee this week!  We've nearly run out.

Anyway, by this evening - just as I was finishing up with work - they'd got the air source heat pump up and running, the tank heating up the water, and the radiators starting to warm up.  Luxury!  We had a bit of a handover with Russell and one of the electricians, Joe - and then we were left to a nice peaceful (and warm) Friday evening, albeit with quite a bit of cleaning to do (Tim made a start on that) :)  Once the water had warmed sufficiently, we both had showers (bliss!), then I cooked dinner and we had a lazy evening in front of the TV, with a couple of episodes of Ted Lasso.  So nice to have our house back, and to know we don't have to get up at 6am!

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