The Edge of the Wold

By gladders


Blip 2001

A photo of a photo of Gus asleep on 20 May 2019 next to a picnic table when we were on North Uist.  He has Caroline's coat over him, and his nose is in her mittens.  He'd had a tiring day.

I'm blipping this against the 17th February to mark the one year anniversary of Gus's passing, it's for my records.  It's a follow up to the 2000th blipversary posted against the date it was taken on 21st May 2019 on North Uist.  The first week we were there, Gus and I would go for our morning walk on a small headland close to the cottage in which we were staying, and watch the stiff-winged fulmars patrolling the cliff edge and the ravens tumbling and cronking.  It was on one of those walks that I took that photo of him amongst the flowers of daisies and thrift.

I'm not expecting comments on this blip.  I am grateful for all the kindness shown by my blip friends on the blipversary, and particularly to all those who have stuck with me over so many years when there have been many long gaps in my blipping.  This remains a special place that always draws me back in eventually.  I shall try harder now to record more of my life and experience here in our new home in Yorkshire, it is such a valuable record to have and to look back on.

I found it very hard to blip last year after we lost Gus.  He had been my inspiration for photography for ten years, and without him I just couldn't find the motivation to keep going.  But time heals, the interest returns, there are new things to see and photograph, and I do want to make a record of what we see and do here.  So I shall keep going, not every day, but when there is something of interest to record and report.

My heartfelt thanks to the dedicated volunteers who rescued this website when it was about to fold and have kept it going ever since.  It's a small community that we have, but a very special one.  It needs to be treasured.

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