Tractor Factory Photos

By TractorFactoryPhotos


I ain't no drummer.  It's one of those things that I think of be quite good at but in actual fact it's a lot more difficult in real life.  YouTube seems to give me a false sense of perceived ability.  It does this for vert skating and drumming for me just now.

On my my current YouTube stream, I have Mitchie Brusco explaining vert skating in such a way that it makes it sound easy and makes me want to try it.  Alas the nearest vert ramp is in Oban.

I also have a girl from somewhere in England who does a very simple explanation of various drumming techniques like paradiddles and flams and again makes it look really easy.

I made my brother a set of skateboard wood drumsticks for his Christmas and it was fun knocking out rhythms on household objects so thought I'd make myself a set.... Or sell them in my Etsy shop.

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