By SimtuCrostines


I have plants on the mind, so here's a combined drawing of lily of the valley, geraniums and nasturtiums.

Yesterday I sowed seeds for salvia and echinacea, and pricked out Swiss chard seedlings. A few digitalis and cotton lavender have sprouted, but it's still not consistently very warm, so they're not growing quickly. No sign of sprouting from the aquilegia or oxlips... but it seems sometimes people wait up to two or three months for these to germinate in winter, so I won't give up on them yet.

I watched "B for Boy", dir. Chika Anadu, about the traditional pressures on a Nigerian woman to produce a male heir for her husband's family. It shows how these pressures enjoy a thriving existence in parallel to her life, which otherwise appears self-directed, modern and filled with love.

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