By loisbiz

TT Mystery

I took some photos looking for something that might be a mystery, this is what I found...what is it? 

Today is Tuesday so I spent the afternoon at Ellie's school. I enjoy my time in the classroom a lot and the children are starting to relate to me in a good way. I spent time working individually with several children who are still struggling with their letters and the sounds they make. Two of the children were really struggling with identifying the letters so I decided to simply focus on five letters and they were delighted to have some success. It is a joy to see a child delight in learning and feeling successful.

After school, Ellie ate a snack while we read her new Highlights Magazine, and then I took her to her dance class which gave me 50 minutes to walk around the area while I waited for her. We made the most of the rest of our time together by getting Ellie's bangs cut and going out to dinner. Ellie and I tried to continue "chatting" in the car so she wouldn't fall asleep on the way home,  but she didn't quite make it. Her grandpa came out to my car and carried her to bed then her grandma changed her into her nightgown and kissed her goodnight. Needless to say, I enjoyed my day!

Now we are watching some dumb remodeling show on TV and staying up later than we wanted, again! So, I will not be able to look at all your Blips. Darn!  I get mad at myself for making choices I regret. :-)))

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