Zeeland bridge

History Zeeland Bridge
The Province of Zeeland owns and manages the Zeeland Bridge. In 1962, the Provincial Council decided that a bridge had to be built. The idea was to create a fast connection between Schouwen-Duiveland and Midden-Zeeland. Even more precisely: to create a connection with the Vlissingen-Oost seaport industrial area, which was then under development.

The construction of the Delta Works was also still in full swing at that time. But the Province did not want to wait until the dam in the Oosterschelde over which a road would be built was completed. There was no question of a storm surge barrier that allowed water to pass through at that time. The dam was finally completed in 1987. The Zeeland Bridge had already been in use for more than twenty years.

Bridge operation
Until 2008, the bridge was operated from the bridge keeper's house on the bridge. This is now done from the Nautical Center in Vlissingen.

From the longest bridge in Europe to a national monument
The Zeeland Bridge is an impressive structure approximately five kilometers long. When it was opened by Queen Juliana on December 15, 1965, it was the longest bridge in Europe. This is no longer the case, but the Zeeland Bridge was designated as a National Monument by the Cultural Heritage Agency on December 15, 2015.

Source: https://www.zeeland.nl/onderwerpen/verkeer-en-openbaar-vervoer/zeelandbrug

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