simple moments

By simplemoments




over the mountains

i heard that unmistakable - honking which geese make - to communicate with - each other and thought - it’s been some time - since geese have flown - this direction or at least - that i’ve been aware - (i typically see them a - few times a year) - and you always hear - them before seeing - them so i had a moment - to grab my phone - and throw open - the patio windows to - try and get a decent view

by the time i did that - i was only able to - capture the last couple - of geese in the - line up although it - sort of appeared that - they might’ve been stragglers - actually and were attempting - to catch up because - i couldn’t see the others - at all which - with my eye disorder - isn’t all that uncommon - i’m just glad - i got these 2 beauties - geese are creatures - that make me smile - bring me joy - and help make it…


happy day…..

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