Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Not mushroom for any more

Another wet and dreary day so I took the chance to get this shot when I walked up to the shop for my newspaper.  I don't know when these trees were cut down but the stumps seem to have produced a veritable Smörgåsbord of fungi.  I won't begin to try and identify them although I know there are one or two blippers on here that could!

We still have our decorator in; he's doing the hall and stairs and as we have three floors and two staircases, there is a lot of woodwork to paint.  The top floor and hallway each have six doors and the middle landing has three, and then there's all the bannisters!  He thought it would take three weeks but as his next job cancelled on him he is taking his time and having the occasional day off to do new quotes etc., which means he'll be here for at least another week.  It'll be nice to eventually get the house back but he's a really nice guy and we're happy to leave him with a set of keys so it's not really a problem.

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