By soozaday

Hanging the Moon

What a busy day it’s been! We were the grounds people behind the gardener who came to prune the fruit trees, and all of us put in a full day. There are a lot of trees here! And then we added another apple—a new Mutsu to replace the little one that was doing so poorly. We don’t often give up on a tree, but this one’s roots had been damaged, probably by the gophers that are running amok. This new apple is set in a nice big gopher basket and it already, even as a stick in the ground, looks better than the previous tree. 

Most of the trimmings are stacked in the little pick-up truck, waiting to go to the landfill. There’s still lots of raking and sweeping and weeding and tidying, but those tasks will always be here, even after we do them!

I didn’t think I could do one more thing, but we had tickets for the American Patchwork Quartet, so off we went after a quick dinner. They are: a Japanese bass player, a black guy from Detroit on drums, a white southern boy who plays the guitar and sings like he should either be in church or at a hootenanny, and a young Indian woman trained in classical Hindustani music with an overlay of Bollywood. They play American roots music, with all the cultural influences each of them brings to the table, giving new meaning to This Land Is Your Land.  Listen to Shenandoah, because one track is worth a thousand words. Half the time I just sat there with tears in my eyes. If you’re intrigued, here’s their website, with videos of many of the songs they played in the show.

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