By rockit

(053) ...And So To F...

I came across a song today that I've not heard in years and which transported me back several decades (how the f...?) to when the Friday Rock Show was one of the radio shows that I could rely on to provide some new and interesting sounds that generally suited my tastes. Every Friday from 10pm until midnight (I think) I'd be ready with either a couple of C90 cassettes or a C-120 to record the show for later listening and, often, trying to hear the name of the band/track that was announced in case it was something I liked and might want to follow up on my next visit to the record shop. I still have a few of these tapes in a box somewhere. 

The track that reminded me of the FRS is this by Brand X.
This was the FRS theme tune for most, if not all of its existence. 
This was used as incidental music for the weekly music quiz. 

Today's blip is another shot from an urban outing on the hardtail.

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