By md1amond

Day 6: Ponytail and a Pretty Smile

Today, after a quiet morning back in housekeeping, Issy, Keith, Luke, Laura and I drove up to Barnes Lake to enjoy an afternoon off and a couple of beers, just like old times. Same lake, same beer, same country music. I missed it.

Drove back to the ranch via the liquor store, listening to this song. Reminisced with Issy about good times from last summer, like driving back from Twin Pines after an evening drinking, sitting on the roof of the car. It was also cool to get to know the others a bit - new faces are good faces.

Oh, and for those of you back home, I'm pretty sure Lesbian Thursdays is gonna be a thing here too...still not sure how that happened...

Back home for ciders on the lawn, then drinking games in the common trailer. My bad luck to get the last king in the deck. Remembered why I don't drink whiskey, and took myself off to bed pretty soon afterwards.

A good night though - welcome back to Sundance.

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