House Damiaan

Huize Damiaan is a former monastery of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The monastery is located on the southeastern edge of the village on the Schaesberg - Simpelveld railway line. The monastery is named after Father Damien, a Belgian from Brabant canonized by the Pope.
In 1892, followers of Father Damien decided to found a monastery to train candidate missionaries. A Damien Institute was first founded in Aerdenhout in Belgium. However, there were so many registrations for the training from Germany that it was decided to build a new monastery. After some detours, we arrived at Simpelveld.

The foundations of the monastery consisted of a small farm, which was purchased in 1896, the first stone was laid in the same year. Construction and renovation continued until 1927. Until 1991 the building was used for religious purposes.

The complex housed a group of accommodation for reflection until 2014 (the year of bankruptcy declaration). It is currently in use by the Butler Academy.

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