secret garden

By freespiral

Coquille saint Jacques

A domestic morning, a chilly yomp around the circuit minor (north easterly) and a brisk explore of the strand, Scallop shells are just so beautiful, this one just lying there casually. 
Did you know:
they are the symbol of St James and pilgrimage, especially if going to Santiago del Compostela - you were given one to show that you had the job done 
when St James' body was going to be buried in Spain a huge storm came up and destroyed the ship he was carried in - the saintly corpse was later found intact and covered in scallop shells
the shell has the virtue of scaring rodents from fields and purifying water and wine
Venus was of course fond of emerging from the sea on a scallop shell
I've heard rumours that some people even eat what's inside.

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