Keith B

By keibr

Early Morning - full moon

It's not so often I take my blip at 4 in the morning but today it happened. The sky was clear, the brightest stars still shining, and the full moon was lighting up the night, helped of course by the snow on the ground.
Photo taken, I retreated back to bed and slept a few more hours.
It's a good thing I took this picture because the rest of the day I was feeling very slow. I  positioned the ladder for the sweep tomorrow (more snow digging!) and cleared out all the ash from the stoves he is going check. Prepared some sourdough for a baking session, possibly baking tomorrow. Did a little recycling which meant I walked 100 m from the house. And that was really all my activity for the day.  Did some fairly passive listening to podcasts and read my book a little.
It's not so often I feel this lethargic but we have no visitors just now so I'll listen to my body and take it easy.

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