By springlilly

New residents ...

.... in Sheskinmore.
I got to see the new residents at Sheskinmore today, a day late, due to someone mislaying a glove & we had to retrace our steps before we got round to the predator fenced area, only to find it in the car!
Last Wednesday, 6 Konik pony mares were delivered from Strangford Lough, N.I. Environment Agency to National Parks &Wildlife Service. They originate from wild Polish Ponies and are a hardy but biddable breed.
Their purpose at Sheskinmore is to graze both the marshy fen area, to help control the spread of reeds and to also graze the Mullyvea slopes, where they will control the spread of brambles and blackthorn and restore the species rich grassland.

They were curious as you can see.

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