By spannarama


Tim and I got out in the garden today.  Tim got out there first, started pressure-washing the paths, and then it started tipping it down - so he came back in until it passed, and then we both got back outside.  I had half been planning to cut the grass, but the rain put paid to that - so instead, I did a load of clearing of dead stuff, as well as some pruning and dead-heading.  Also used some ancient loppers that the previous house owner left us, to trim the bay tree down the side of the house.  They were surprisingly effective! 

Absolutely exhausted after all that, so didn't do much else for the rest of the day/evening.  Satisfying work though - and not a bad view from this corner of our little garden :)

Our new water tank started dripping this evening - bit of a worry, but Tim tightened up a nut and it slowed a lot.  Russell, who installed it, promised to sort it out on Monday.

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