The Way I See Things



The weather that is, rather than me, though I did have a bit of a stressy day, trying to make sure I'd done enough preparation to be able to migrate stuff onto the new Mac without mishap. Half way through the morning I made an experimental photographic foray into the garden, but scuttled back inside in short order, driven by a vicious north-easterly wind. "Too cold for bugs," I said to R, "and too windy for owls. I'd better go to Hillers."

In the end we both went to Hillers, though only one of us was barking enough to spend an hour in an open hide. I emerged, shivering, with only a handful of frames (sixty) on the camera, but had an interesting chat with a couple of other photographers there, one of whom I knew but hadn't seen for several years. The edited highlights of this conversation amount to us all agreeing that wildlife-wise I need to move to Surrey - however, as I can't see R getting wholeheartedly behind this plan, want will just have to be my master.

Tomorrow the Mac migration will commence. Possibly. Also, the engineer is due to turn up with a new water level sensor and a new motherboard for our washing machine, so with luck by the end of the day I'll be able to start tackling the Worcestershire Laundry Mountain. I can't quite decide which I'm looking forward to more.

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