Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Rose between 2 thistles

Went for a nice run with the club this morning and caught up with one of the members who hasn’t been for ages. Managed to get a few things sorted in the house while J was out for a swim in the sea, she then headed out to meet FM and a friend for lunch in Leith. JD and FT arrived around 2pm and we headed out to Murrayfield. Got to the tram stop and bought a ticket only to find the Ukraine antiwar demonstration was on Princess Street and was holding up all the traffic and trams, so decided to frog march to the ground. Stadium was packed in the west fan village as everyone was there early to watch the Wales v Ireland game and lost JD and FT in the crowd. Found a guy form work and his son so had a chat to him and then managed to find JD and FT. SK, my old boss, texted and I managed to meet him for a chat and beer. Nice to see him again and hear that his new job is going well. Game started well for England until Scotland got there act together and with England missing tackles they took the lead before half time. Second half wasn’t much better for England resulting in me having to buy more Easter eggs for work. Chippie for dinner after walking home and then played Heat with the expansion on the Japan track and then started a game on the Mexico track on the other side, ended up being a very late night.

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