By MsQuizzical

Morning Sun Robin

Soon after I took this image I went to see if having the little old Husqvarna ride-on mower on charge overnight would enable me to start it. I had already checked the plug, syphoned out the petrol and replaced it with fresh Excellium, together with Briggs and Stratton stabiliser. Older mower engines don't like standard E10 unleaded. She wouldn't start. :(

I arranged for Doe's to pick the machine up for repair, they said it wouldn't be ready for six weeks. I had spent £871.00 on it at the end of last summer. I was very upset as I hate the feeling of being out of control. The grass is starting to grow and I'm responsible for dealing with the machinery and keeping the place a bit tidy as MrQ is no longer capable.

I went to have my hair cut and when I returned I tried to start the machine again. She sprung into life! What a relief. I've cut the grass round the house, leaving some areas uncut for wildlife. I feel so much better. :)  

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