Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Birds Books and Blippers

Today ….in more rain…. We drove along the Columbia to Sauvie Island near Portland, that I’ve seen in several blips before and have wanted to visit.   Probably not the best weather  to see the birds in this refuge but gratefully the rain almost stopped for a few trips out of the car…..and we did see Sandhill cranes !   Migrating through.   The photos aren’t great but I might be able to edit them better with my computer at home….so they are in the extra….more Canada geese in flight than I’ve ever seen, few egrets, and some ducks on the Columbia I haven’t yet identified… only saw osprey nests …and. Birds in the tree?  ( I’m no birder and H only has so much patience)    But it was fun.  
And now we are in a hotel next to the Willamette River in Portland ( more water! ) and look who we had dinner with at our hotel…it just worked out with her schedule …
blip legend  Kendall was able to meet here for some good chat and catch up.  ( no doable solutions to world problems ).  Not a great iPhone photo in bad light by our server but we liked our little book filled booth.  ( the restaurant/bar is called “the Proof Reader”)     Quite a lovely day! 

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